Thilo Seevers Ensemble - Black

Live Dates

July 4, 2018

MA Diploma Concert – WIST, Graz (AT)

Thilo Seevers Ensemble

August 10, 2018

Bird’s Eye, Basel (CH)

Thilo Seevers Ensemble


Kids, you can start counting down the days! On 27/04 “Storytelling” will be released on our favourite Swiss Jazz Label: UNIT Records.

.recorded, mixed and mastered in Jan. 2018 by Stefano Amerio in ArteSuono Studios, Udine, Italy
.artwork by Luka Sulzer
.photography by Valerie Maltseva

The album also includes “Sharp”, a single that was recorded in a live-shot video by Emanuel Droneberger and his team.

Pre-order “Storytelling” in our webshop, spread the word and enjoy the music!


The Story

In 2013, two young musicians convene with pianist/composer Thilo Seevers and get off to work – and to a flying start into the German/Austrian Jazzscene. Rooted deelpy in the jazz tradition, the trio gradually develops a more personal sound and presents “Storytelling”, their first album with original music only.

Simple song structures, focussed improvising and exploration of various musical cultures are key ingredients to the sound of Tse, who have found on of their main strength in creating expressive and meaningful melodies.

“Tse demonstrates, that simple songwriting and complexity can complement each other. The music has a pulsating energy while being captivating and aesthetic at the same time.”, hr 2 Jazz Now commentates Tse’s debut album “Dancing Lights”, which already reveals on of the band’s unique qualities:
Creating Modern Jazz tunes with song-character that combine subtle complexity and simple beauty.